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The WBV-3000 vibration workout machine
Model Number: WBV-3000
Setup Dimension: L58.4 X B52.9 X H139.5 cm
Voltage: 220V-240V
Power: 200W
Max Power: 0.75HP
Speed: 1-30 Level
Max Weight
Weight (Net): 44.5 Kgs
Auto Timer: 10mins
Amplitude: 13mm (Highest Point to
Lowest Point)

The WBV 3000 has been approved as a Class IIa Medical Device and entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, registration number ARTG 212167. The WBV 3000 has also been certified by MEDCERT as complying with international standards for quality management and safety.

 Comparing OTO WBV-3000 with our Competitors:

Many customers have approached us to compare our vibration fitness machine to inferior cheaper models. Our answer is always the same: If it costs less, there definitely is a reason!

Our design is the most sleek, modern and compact using minimum space, yet more powerful, with a superior training effect than its competitors. Most importantly, we offer a vastly superior vibration training machine at a very affordable price!

Our machine is designed and manufactured under the stringent quality standards of OTO Singapore with their impressive reputation spanning 23 years as a worldwide Industry Leader in the manufacture of Therapeutic Goods.

Using the Whole Body Vibration machine for fitness
  1. Our non-slip Platform size is 75cms x 41cms! Up to 32% more space to stand than competitor machines! Designed for maximum comfort and unrestricted movement
  2. Oscillating and tilting pivotal platform motion providing the best form of vibration comfort and results
  3. A superior 13mm amplitude (compare to 4mm-10mm on competitor machines). Amplitude means how high the platform vibrates/oscillates depending on the position of the feet. Increased amplitude means increased metabolic power and muscle activity. You'll get the results you want faster than competitor machines!
  4. Dual independent controls for maximum user comfort and convenience (top and bottom of machine). Most competitor machines have only one top control
  5. 3 Program Settings, plus manual override
  6. 30 speed settings in an easy to navigate Digital Display. (Compare with 1 - 20 speed settings on most other machines)
  7. FREE additional calf supports for a most luxurious and relaxing leg and lower body massage
  8. No risk of trapped fingers or toes (our moving plate is not exposed like most other brands)
  9. Possibly the quietest vibration plate machine on the market!
  10. Inbuilt 10 minute Automatic Timer
  11. Free DVD and Manual supplied with each machine and unrestricted free advice from our highly trained Agents
  12. Our grip handle is behind the machine which gives unrestricted movement. (Compare to most competitors whose side or front handles severely restrict movement)
  13. Rear wheels which allow the machine to be easily moved
  14. Floor Height Adjustors ensuring perfect balance of the machine
  15. Single high quality motor ensuring optimum synchronization. Very important for proper neuro-muscular coordination! (Most Competitor machines use 2 inferior quality motors which do not work in synchronization with the vibration plate)

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The ultimate workout machine!
Become stronger, fitter,
& improve vitality, balance & coordination.

 is a revolutionary exercise solution

 can deliver total or full body vibration

 improves balance and coordination

 helps maintain vitality and general health

 provides a uniquely balanced training workout

 suitable for most age groups

 suitable for the home, gym or office

 liberating, revitalising and cost effective

 available australia wide

use wbv for only
to tone your
whole body!

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Exclusive WBV-3000 Features!

Fingers cannot be jammed between the platform and the base on the WBV-3000, as can be seen in the below video:

All WBV-3000's feature a secondary lower control panel, as you can see in the picture on the right:

The WBV-3000 comes with calf supports, which you can see being used below. The WBV-3000 is the only vibration machine with calf supports.