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 WBV 3000 Accreditations

WBV 3000 Certification

The directors of WBV Whole Body Vibration Australia are very pleased to announce;

  • The WBV 3000 has been approved as a Class IIa Medical Device and entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, registration number ARTG 212167
  • The WBV 3000 has also been certified by MEDCERT as complying with international standards for quality management and safety.

WBV Australia new premises

 WBV Australia moves to new Premises

WBV Australia Head Office, due to the massive increase in business, recently moved into new much larger premises at -
Unit 6, Surgical House,
166 Railway Parade Leederville W.A.

These premises are equipped with very large reception /showroom area, spare offices, for WBV Australia affiliates, plus ample warehouse space. The Directors chose these premises, for the locality of being close to the freeways, close to the CBD and plenty of private parking available to customers, apart from, the extreme functionality of the building.

WBV Australia new premises

WBV Australia now has the opportunity, to offer customers a larger display of the full product range of Fitness, Relaxation and Therapeutic equipment available under the banner of WBV Healthcare Australia.

WBV Health and Fitness Facilitator, Glenn Harris expressed his satisfaction at the ample space and accommodation the larger showrooms offered, allowing him to be able to hold his 7 Steps to Healthy Living to small groups.

We now have the opportunity to invite everyone from all walks of life to come along and try Australia's award winning Whole Body Vibration machine the WBV 3000 for a free 10 minute no obligation session in our showrooms - simply call 0409 203 999 to arrange.

View our expanding range of new quality products on the WBV Healthcare website:


wbv office



We are pleased to advise that premier senior fitness adviser, Glenn Harris has been appointed Health & Fitness Facilitator to WBV Australia.

Over the past 37 years, Glenn has achieved extraordinary results articulating what it takes to enjoy rather than just survive life in the 21st century. Whether you're male or female, young or older, active or sedentary, Glenn is a living example of how you can maximise your shot at longevity, build new energy & stamina and help you become fitter, stronger & healthier.

Glenn is now available, free of charge, to share his 7 Doors to Health & Fitness Program for groups small and large, social, sporting and business.
For bookings please contact our office on 0409 203 999.


We at WBV Australia realise the value of building confidence in our products and our business ethics, we look forward to further developing and cementing our relationships.

The team at WBV Australia will endeavour to maintain the great relationships we have built up over the years and to keep bringing you the latest information along with our commitment to ongoing efficient service and civility at all times.logo


WBV Agents and Distributors attend Certified Training Course at St John of God Hospital

WBV training course attendeesWhole Body Vibration (WBV) Australia and Perth Integrated Health Clinic hosted for the second time in three years, the WBV National Training program at the St John of God Conference Centre in Subiaco, Western Australia.

Attended by WBV Australia Pty Ltd agents and distributors throughout the country, numbering some 30 in total, the day was filled with practical training on the use of the WBV 3000 systems as well as the associated theory and application.

WBV agents are probably the best trained in the country in the Science of Vibration.

Those in the community interested about the applications of WBV 3000 for their home or their office – for the betterment of their families and friends are invited to contact your nearest WBV Sales Agent for more information about how this practical device can assist with your exercise and weight management.

WBV Australia Pty Ltd and it's board of directors wish to take this opportunity to thank the WBV Sales Agents for their continued support and trust in the use of WBV. Thank you also to Perth Integrated Health Clinic as the clinical and marketing consultants for this training program.


WBV Australia hosted a professional development workshop for Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers on the Science of Vibration.

Conducted in Perth, Western Australia in conjunction with their national training program, this workshop provided participants with an in depth understanding about the science of vibration and its application within WBV-3000.

This workshop also highlighted the importance and the understanding of how fitness professionals can use the WBV-3000 as part of their training regime with their clients and how the system works very effectively with performance enhancement programs within gyms and personal training consultancies.

Further information on the science of vibration and the WBV-3000 can be sourced by emailing admin@wbv.net.au

WBV are pleased to announce a new product in our range:

For full information about Power Foot and it's benefits and features, please visit:


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