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 Sports Teams that use WBVYes, with millions of hours of actual Whole Body Vibration use throughout the world, we can confidently say that it is one of the safest, most effective and easiest exercise systems presently available for most people to use. In the short training time of only 10 minutes a day, three to five times a week, a new level of fitness and sports performance can be achieved.

Health and fitness users of WBVYes, a key difference between Whole Body Vibration equipment and most other devices is that all Whole Body Vibration machines only use one motor for the vibration. This is critical information of which most manufacturers are not aware. Research indicates that using 2 motor machines can cause detrimental effects on brain and body synchronization. Two motors can never be properly synchronized, therefore, if you stand on a two motor system you and your brain will become desynchronized over time. This leads to numerous negative side effects such as, fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep disturbances and even immune system imbalance. One motor systems are always 100% synchronized with the plate, the only exception being a weighted single motor, which is sometimes used to gain greater amplitude.

The essential benefit of whole body vibration lies in how effective the device is in getting you and your brain into a synchronized state, so be sure the system you buy only has one motor; remember, a 100% synchronized system is the only thing you want to stand on.

Universities that use WBVYes, the study of whole body vibration technology, as applied to fitness, medicine and sports training began with the Soviet Space Program. Scientists discovered that cosmonauts removed from the effects of gravity developed significant bone density loss and muscle tissue wasting during space travel. In an effort to stop this loss and wasting, the Russian scientists experimented with vibration induced muscle activation. Significant improvements in muscle and bone density were obtained by using vibrating platforms to artificially super compensate for the future loss of gravity. As a result of this effect, Veteran Russian cosmonaut Valery Polyakov, a medical doctor, set the current world record for the longest continuous spaceflight – over 430 days aboard Russia's Mir space station. By comparison, American astronauts trained on conventional fitness equipment were forced to end their mission after just 196 days due to bone and muscle degeneration. Today, Whole Body Vibration technology is embraced by NASA, Professional Sports Teams, along with many allied fitness experts throughout the United States.

Sports PerformanceYes, quite simply, it is the application of oscillating vibrating frequencies to the entire body’s muscular, skeletal, organ, glandular and nervous systems; the differing vibration frequencies have differing effects on body function:
  • lower frequencies are very effective for strength training, warming up and cooling down;
  • higher frequencies are usually used for massage and increasing blood circulation to peripheral body tissues.

The vibrations are created by a mechanically vibrating platform and transmitted to the body through the feet or hands which are in contact with the vibrating plate, platform or handlebars. As a result:
  • the body automatically adjusts to these mechanical stimuli by responding with a stretch reflex;
  • this stretch reflex occurring in the muscles, is actually a reflexive adjustment that is occurring in the brain.

Sports PerformanceYes, some of the most obvious benefits you can expect are:
  • Increases calories burnt
  • Improves flexibility, mobility and coordination
  • Improves training quality and effectiveness
  • Reduces stress on joints
  • Strengthens muscles  

Sports PerformanceYes, Whole Body Vibration improves circulation and oxygen delivery to peripheral tissue such as the feet, hands, skin and hair. WBV can help you become stronger, fitter,
& improve vitality, balance & coordination. WBV is a revolutionary exercise solution.

Sports PerformanceYes, Whole Body Vibration improves internal energy, or “Chi”, which can be depleted through conventional training methods. Working out with free weights or weight-bearing equipment burns vital energy reserves without really replacing the lost capacity. Microtraumas to the muscles may not all be repaired because of reduced energy reserves secondary to poor diet, stress or overtraining. Achieve equal, if not better, results in one third the time required to train using weights or other conventional exercise technologies.

Traditional resistance training methods provide resistance on a single linear axis whereas the Whole Body Vibration system’s resistance effects occur on multiple axis, stimulating all the fibres within a given muscle group at the same time.

Vibration training on the Whole Body Vibration system can significantly improve muscle strength and speed, flexibility, range of motion and coordination, blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body.

Sports PerformanceYes, corporate fitness and wellness is gaining ground for the numerous benefits to employee performance such as, reduced sick days and more productive work environments. Whole Body Vibration equipment is ideal for corporate fitness centres; in under 20 minutes the employee can train all muscle groups, invigorate mental focus and alertness, balance posture and reduce ergonomic related injury.

Just standing on one of our units can yield a host of benefits including improved flexibility.

The no sweat - no stain workout takes under 20 minutes per session, allowing lunch break workouts, without the worry of needing a shower or a change of clothing.

Sports PerformanceYes, Whole Body Vibration training depends on both the frequency and intensity of the vibrations. The higher the amplitude, the more the muscles and brain have to contract in order to appropriately adjust to the mechanical movement of the plate. This increase in amplitude can lead to a more powerful training effect in some circumstances.

Whole Body Vibration training can cause 100 % of muscle fibres to fire as contrasted with conventional training which usually engages only 40-60 % of muscle tissues. In addition, supporting musculature that may be difficult to consciously activate can be stimulated using this technology. As a result, the whole body neuromuscular system can be stimulated at once and training time significantly reduced as many muscles are engaged simultaneously, unlike traditional training techniques.

Sports PerformanceYes, Whole Body Vibration will impact on;
  • Increased calories (kilojoules) used;
  • Improves flexibility, mobility and coordination;
  • Improved training quality and effectiveness;
  • Accelerated recovery after exercising.

Sports PerformanceYes, Whole Body Vibration enhances your health by noticeably:
  • reduces stress on joints;
  • strengthening of muscles;
  • uses more calories / kilojoules;
  • improving flexibility;
  • rapid recovery after exercising.


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